TAPS Training and Showing

TAPS Training and Showing



TAPS FEES at North Riding

Starting March 1, 2019 

Private lessons will be $55

Groups will remain at $40

Half hour privates will be $45

Horse show fees : Home show coaching $80. This fee is completely separate from any fees charged on your horse show bill from NR.)

"Away Shows"

$125/show day flat rate. 

Expenses split by all customers. 


Training at North Riding

Subject to needs of horse. Contact Kendra Duggleby for training fees and contracts. Contact through North Riding on messenger or call/text Kendra at 315-466-4432. 

Buying and selling : While searching for a horse Tracy will go to consult with you for a fee of $100. If horse was a suggestion of Tracy and is purchased a $400 finders fee will apply. No other  commission will be charged to you. TAPS does not generally do sales. See NR Fees.


Board $600

* Extra may be applied for special feeding considerations, extra bedding, medical treatment, or handling for farrier or vet *

Lessons by NR instructors : 

Kierstyn $35 private $30 group 

Kendra  $45 private $40 group 

Sales: 10 % Commision on any horse sold through NR.