TAPS Training and Showing

TAPS Training and Showing



TAPS FEES at North Riding

Starting March 1, 2019 (updated rates will be coming soon)

Private lessons will be $55

Groups will remain at $40

Half hour private $45

Horse show fees : Home show coaching $80. This fee is completely separate from any fees charged on your horse show bill from NR.

Local and Rated horse show coaching:

$125/show day flat rate. 

Expenses split by all customers. 


Buying and selling : While searching for a horse Tracy will go to consult with you for a fee of $100. If horse was a suggestion of Tracy and is purchased a $400 finders fee will apply. No other  commission will be charged to you. TAPS does not generally do sales. 

TAPS Fees other than NR

$65 / hour private

$50 / hour group